Smoking Cessation coverage: Obamacare

23 Jan , 2014,
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Smoking cessation coverage: Obamacare. Many of the new Qualified Health Plans sold on the federal health insurance marketplace website include smoking cessation prescription coverage! In 2013, Americas Health Rankings ranked South Carolina 38th in the nation of states whose population smokes. The American Heart Society reports that “You probably know about  the relationship between smoking and lung cancer, but did you know smoking is also linked to heart disease, stroke and other chronic lung diseases?  Smoking can also increase your risk for cancer of the bladder, throat and mouth, kidneys, cervix and pancreas”

Smoking Cessation Coverage: Obamacare. Check the formulary!
Smoking Cessation coverage: Obamacare

This is a screenshot of the Coventry 2014 prescription drug formulary showing covered smoking cessation drugs.

Smoking Cessation coverage: Obamacare

This shows an Rx formulary that may cover smoking cessation drugs at NO cost to the consumer!

Smoking cessation programs and prescriptions will vary by insurance company. For instance, Coventry Health plans offered in South Carolina include coverage for prescription drugs such as Chantix and Nicoderm CQ under the prescription drug card benefit! Many 2014 health insurance plans will have varying smoking cessation coverage under Obamacare. Some plans available in South Carolina cover many smoking cessation prescriptions with a $0 copay, while others may require copays as high as $55 or more! If you need help finding a 2014 South Carolina health plan with comprehensive smoking cessation coverage, contact us today or view 2014 South Carolina Health exchange quotes on or website anytime! If your New Years resolution is to quit smoking, we can help you find a health insurance plan that can work with you to achieve your goal! You can also check out our 2014 Health Plan formularies page to see how smoking cessation coverage under Obamacare varies by plan! As your federally certified South Carolina Obamacare Agent, we can help you find a plan that can help you quit smoking! Call, tweet, email, or like us today for help!!!