Molina Health Insurance Lexington County 2020

10 Oct , 2019,
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Molina Health Insurance in Lexington County 2020

UPDATE 10/22/2019 – 2020 Molina Health Insurance plan rates are now available on our Quote Page! CLICK HERE to view 2020 Molina Health Insurance Lexington County 2020 plans!

BIG NEWS for residents of Lexington County South Carolina for 2020! Lexington County residents will have a new choice for marketplace health insurance in 2020. Beginning November 1, 2019 Molina Health Insurance Lexington County will be available for enrollment! Whether you live in Lexington, Cayce, Chapin, Gilbert, Batesburg-Leesville, Gaston or Swansea, you will have a NEW option for individual health insurance for 2020 – Molina Health Insurance!

NEED HELP shopping for 2020? Click here to see all available plans (2020 plans available soon!) or call 843-882-7062 and ask for an appointment with the “SC Health Connector” – we are a local, independent agency that works for YOU!

Who is Molina Health Insurance?

Molina Healthcare, Inc., is a FORTUNE 500 company, providing managed health care services under the Medicaid and Medicare programs and through the state insurance marketplaces. Molina was founded in 1980 by an emergency room physician, C. David Molina, MD, who noticed that low-income, and uninsured patients were coming to the emergency room in need of general health care services. Without family doctors, they were not always getting the right care and information. These under served families deserved better and Dr. Molina set out to do something about it. In 2014, Molina first began serving member in South Carolina, By 2015, Molina had grown to 3.5 million members. Through its locally operated health plans, Molina Healthcare served approximately 3.4 million members as of June 30, 2019.

Why Molina Health Insurance 2020?

As we recently reported on this blog, sample rates released by the South Carolina Department of Insurance look very favorable! Early rates suggest that Molina Health Insurance Lexington County 2020 may be very competitive in 2020! In some areas, Molina Health Insurance 2020 are up to 16% lower than current plan rates. But the rates don’t tell the whole story! We have also learned that Molina may have Lexington Medical Center in network for 2020! In fact, decreasing silver plan premiums may affect your current tax credit eligibility! If you need marketplace health insurance for 2020, Molina may provide a lower cost option than your current coverage. CLICK HERE to view Molina Health Insurance 2020 rates (rates available soon!). Regardless, it is very important that you review all marketplace options for open enrollment 2020. We can help!

Stay tuned to this page for updates about Molina Health Insurance plans for 2020 in Lexington County!

UPDATE: Molina 2020 Lexington Health Plans Early Look


For 2020, Molina will offer Bronze, Silver and Gold plans in Lexington County. We expect Molina to offer 2 Bronze Plans, 8 Silver Plans, and 1 Gold Plan in each county in South Carolina for 2020. The two Molina Bronze Plans will consist of a High and Low option, branded “Core Care Bronze”. The 8 Molina Silver Plans will be branded “Constant Care Silver”. The one Molina Gold Plan will be branded “Confident Care Gold”.

We expect Molina will offer a number of plans with an additional vision benefit using the VSP network. Please note that vision benefits may not be considered “Essential Health Benefits” (EHB) by the health insurance marketplace. This means you may have to pay an additional premium for Vision benefits, as an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) cannot be applied towards non-essential health benefits. However, we expect each category of plans (excluding Gold) to offer plans without the additional Vision benefit.

Update 10/22/2019 – we have been informed that Lexington Medical Center is expected to be IN NETWORK for 2020 Molina Health Insurance Plans. As always, please confirm the in-network status of any provider before seeking care!