Consumer Reports – “Healthcare.gov? Don’t even bother trying”

22 Oct , 2013,
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Yesterday, the Washington times had an article updating the status of healthcare.gov. Consumer reports was quoted as saying “Don’t bother even trying for another couple of weeks”. South Carolina Obamacare Agent shows busy Marketplace

Though I have personally  seen some improvements in the site, I would not argue with consumer reports. As an agency we feel that, though the site is improving, the overall enrollment process is still taking longer than acceptable for most people. This morning, I am happy to report that the document upload feature of the Identity Proofing process seems to be working normally. As of late as last week, the document upload process seemed to be broken – giving an error message that files must be less than 10MB, regardless of actual file size!  Experian is the entity tasked with Identity Proofing for the Federal Marketplace. In addition, failed identity verification errors gave a toll free number to call Experian. However, the error message gave no reference number in our experience. When calling the toll free number to Experian, the caller is required to have a reference number from the Federal Marketplace in order to address the issue. Obviously, this is quite a problem – we hope it is resolved soon. In the meantime, these examples are more reasons why you need a South Carolina Obamacare Agent to help you navigate the new Federal Marketplace!

Read the full Washinton Times Article below: