Bluechoice: Blue Option comprehensive copays!

8 Dec , 2015,
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The All-Inclusive Office Visit Copayment Saves Members Time and Money

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Blue Option offers many different plan designs that provide members with the convenience of an all-inclusive, comprehensive copayment.

What does that mean?
Members who visit a participating provider in the Blue Option network will pay one copayment for all diagnostic and treatment services performed in the office.

Members can get all routine services (including those outside of the standard mandated Affordable Care Act benefits) for one copayment. Services are not limited to routine and sick visits, however. They also include in-office surgical procedures, labs and X-rays with no limits or caps. Members can get necessary services at a set cost, with no hidden fees. This also encourages the member to see a contracting provider of his or her choice to establish and maintain a relationship. This improves the member’s health care experience.

The all-inclusive, comprehensive copayment has been a significant feature of BlueChoice® products for years and continues to be a primary selling feature with the 2016 plans. This is just one of many reasons your members can benefit from Blue Option in 2016.