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Create your account at healthcare.gov – Video

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Today we begin the first in a series of videos designed to help you get started with the enrollment process at www.healthcare.gov. Today’s video will show you the process used to create your account at healthcare.gov. Check it out below:

As your #1 South Carolina Obamacare Agent we are committed to helping South Carolina residents find the best, most affordable coverage for your unique situation. As a licensed health insurance agent/broker for over 10 years, we have the experience needed to help you make the right decision. Many South Carolina residents will qualify for lower costs on their health insurance premiums through healthcare.gov. The first step to finding your health insurance coverage for 2014 is to create an account at create an account at healthcare.govcreate an account at healthcare.govhealthcare.gov. Not sure which plan to choose? Contact us today, and we can help you determine if you may qualify for a health insurance tax credit to lower your costs!

Why create your account at healthcare.gov?

By creating your account at healthcare.gov, you are just minutes away from determining if you qualify for a premium tax credit to reduce you health insurance costs. Many South Carolina residents who apply through healthcare.gov may also qualify for cost sharing subsidies. These tax credits and cost sharing reductions are only available for health insurance plans purchased through healthcare.gov. We can help you with the process! Get started today by watching our video and create your healthcare.gov account!

 Is it safe to create your account at healthcare.gov?

After the SC Department of Revenue breach in 2012, it is understandable that many SC residents are wary of their online privacy. While many people are worried about the security of their information at healthcare.gov, we would like to point out that identity theft happens all over the internet. If you use popular services such as Facebook, Google, or online banking, chances are your information is already readily available on the internet. We recommend everyone who uses the internet on a daily basis be wary of their personal information safeguards, use strong passwords, clear your browser cache regularly and use 2-step authentication where possible. As an online health insurance agent, I use a variety of security methods such as encryption, 2 step authentication, virus protection and strong passwords to ensure HIPPA compliance and my own personal data security.


Carolina Care Plan Offices Closed

12 Dec , 2013,
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Carolina Care Plan Closing South Carolina Office Effective December 12

If you need help finding new coverage to replace your Carolina Care Plan insurance policy, please contact us NOW. Time is running out! We have enjoyed working with Carolina Care Plan and their parent company over the years. They will be sorely missed in South Carolina.

Carolina Care Plan’s office is closing for business effective December 12, 2013. All future service issues will be handled out of Medical Mutual offices in Ohio. To help you through this transition, use the following phone numbers, addresses and email addresses for service.

Carolina Care Plan Claims and Customer Care:

For general questions, benefits, eligibility, claims and ID card requests
P.O. Box 6018, Cleveland, OH 44101-1018
(800) 232-2821


For Carolina Care Plan billing and enrollment membership services:

P.O Box 943, Toledo, OH 43656
(800) 227-7978
Group membership email: memapps@medmutual.com
Individual membership email: sm1membership@medmutual.com


Broker administration: Agent of record changes, commissions or licensing information
(800) 528-2386
Fax: (216) 687-6102
Email: brokeradmin@medmutual.com

Prior authorizations, pre-certifications, initial and concurrent review:
(800) 258-3021

Carolina Care Plan closing

South Carolina Health Insurance Exchange Update – 12/10/2013

10 Dec , 2013,
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This is simply a quick update, as we are BUSY helping people get enrolled! The health insurance exchange has been functioning fairly reliably over the past couple of weeks. Noticeable improvements occurred after December 1st, 2013. These improvements included many new features that allow us, acting as your South Carolina Obamacare Agent, to resolve many of the glitches previously experienced on www.healthcare.gov. If you have tried to complete an application and received errors, CALL US TODAY at 843-882-7062 – I can help!

Last Friday, I was able to enroll a single person, with premium subsidies and cost sharing subsidies in UNDER 25 minutes! Health Insurance APPROVEDHowever, TIME IS RUNNING OUT if you need new insurance effective January 1st, 2014. Please call or email us ASAP if you need January 1st coverage. As we get closer to the December 23rd and December 15th deadlines, the Exchange Marketplace website is getting busier. This morning was very busy, with wait times up to 15 minutes just to get in. Thankfully, we also have the issuer-based pathway, AKA the “backdoor” access to the Federal Exchange Marketplace. Thankfully, the “backdoor” has not been subject to the long wait times experienced on the front end of healthcare.gov.