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Don’t be misled: Healthcare.gov!

24 Oct , 2013,
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Last weekend a new link/page was added to www.healthcare.gov. This link is titled “See Plans Now” (see image below – you can click to enlarge). This new feature claimed to let users view plans and rates in their area.

mislead healthcare.govUnfortunately, the information provided via this tool is incorrect for nearly all users. Why, you ask? Because the healthcare.gov rate calculator does not estimate rates based on your exact age. Instead, the it simply asks if you are older/younger than age 49.

In the next image, you can see that when you choose to “”See Plans Now” you are simply asked if you are “49 or younger” or “50 or older”.  Not exactly a great baseline for calculating health plan rates.

South Carolina Health Exchange Rates





The Results:

For this exercise, I chose Charleston County, SC as my area of residence, and selected “Age 49 or younger”. Of course, I am 35 years old, and my exchange application is still being delayed for Identity verification (2 weeks and counting). So it seems reasonable that I may want to browse rates on the federal exchange while my Identity Verification is processing. Of course, after completing the required information about myself and my family status, I was given a list of every plan available in Charleston county, SC. Unfortunately, the rates given were much lower than what my ACTUAL rates are, based on my South Carolina Health Exchange Rates quote engine! See the image below for the rates I was given:

South Carolina health exchange quotesengine


As you can see, the healthcare.gov plan finder tool gave me estimated rates of $230.27 for the CoventryOne Silver $10 Copay Roper St Francis Plan.


Actual Results: Real numbers from SChealthconnector.org

So after viewing the rates over at healthcare.gov, I proceeded to run quotes for myself here on the schealthconnector.org South Carolina Health Exchange Rates page. As expected, my ACTUAL premium was much higher than that given by healthcare.gov $268.50 (See image below – click to enlarge). IN the age of Google, Amazon & Ebay, it seems obvious that transparency should be the #1 priority for a consumer website – hopefully our government can do much better- and SOON!

South Carolina Health Exchange rates

2014 Health Insurance Plans in South Carolina

25 Sep , 2013,
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Beginning October 1, 2013, many South Carolina residents will be able enroll in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) through the new Health Insurance Marketplace. Many South Carolina residents will also qualify for health plan subsidies to help pay for health insurance premiums.

Of course, choosing and enrolling in a Qualified Health Plan is a very important decision! Once you choose a plan, you will be “locked in” until the next open enrollment. Whether you live in Greenville, Charleston, Florence, or Aiken, WE CAN HELP you choose the health insurance plan that works best for you! We are certified by CMS as Federal Facilitated Marketplace agent/brokers. By working with a certified agent, you will receive expert advice at NO EXTRA COST to you! All health insurance premiums are set by the State and Federal government, and insurers cannot charge more for working with an agent.

For 2014, South Carolina will have 4 insurance carriers offering Qualified Health Plans: Bluecross Blue shield of SC, Bluechoice SC, Coventry, and Consumers Choice Health plan. Although health plan designs will follow ACA guidelines, health plan offerings from each of these carriers will vary greatly in many respects. One of the biggest differentiators between plans will be networks. Some plans will have very strict, HMO style networks, with limited choices of providers. Many HMO style plans may not allow out of network benefits – this is a very important consideration when choosing a plan! In addition, some plans may offer individual only coverage – this could present additional deductibles and out of pocket costs for families. Once again, I must stress that these factors make working with an agent imperative. Feel free to contact us directly for help, or if you just have some questions – we are here to help!

For more information on health plan subsidies, visit our sister site – myhealthplansubsidy.com