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BlueChoice Blue Option South Carolina 2018 Pharmacy Benefits!

28 Nov , 2017,
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Blue Option plans by BlueChoice Healthplan provide members with a wide array of plans with multiple pharmacy options. Most Blue Option members will NOT have a separate pharmacy deductible for 2018. BlueChoice is building members’ pharmacy charges into the deductible or applying them to the maximum out-of-pocket expenses, depending on the plan selection. One plan (Silver 4002) does include a separate pharmacy deductible for 2018!

Pharmacy benefits – Tiers
For 2018 Blue Option members will continue to have six-tier copayment/coinsurance levels for their prescription drugs. This approach provides more flexibility in managing high-cost and specialty medications, regardless of whether a drug is generic or a brand. BlueChoice has taken steps to ensure members have all classes of drugs covered and spread across six tiers for better affordability. You can review the BlueChoice  Covered Drug List online to see on which tier a specific drug is located.


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