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2014 South Carolina Qualified Health Plan Rate Information

27 Sep , 2013,
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The following link contains a spreadsheet of 2014 metal plan costs in South Carolina:

South Carolina Qualified Health Plan Rate Information

When reviewing 2014 South Carolina Health Insurance rates, it is important to note that each of the 46 counties in SC is a separate rating area. Therefore, rates in Calhoun County may vary from rates in Charleston, Berkeley & Richland counties.

In order to decode the premium spreadsheet link above, we have compiled a list of South Carolina Counties with their corresponding geographical code.


Rating Area 1 Abbeville
Rating Area 2 Aiken
Rating Area 3 Allendale
Rating Area 4 Anderson
Rating Area 5 Bamberg
Rating Area 6 Barnwell
Rating Area 7 Beaufort
Rating Area 8 Berkeley
Rating Area 9 Calhoun
Rating Area 10 Charleston
Rating Area 11 Cherokee
Rating Area 12 Chester
Rating Area 13 Chesterfield
Rating Area 14 Clarendon
Rating Area 15 Colleton
Rating Area 16 Darlington
Rating Area 17 Dillon
Rating Area 18 Dorchester
Rating Area 19 Edgefield
Rating Area 20 Fairfield
Rating Area 21 Florence
Rating Area 22 Georgetown
Rating Area 23 Greenville
Rating Area 24 Greenwood
Rating Area 25 Hampton
Rating Area 26 Horry
Rating Area 27 Jasper
Rating Area 28 Kershaw
Rating Area 29 Lancaster
Rating Area 30 Laurens
Rating Area 31 Lee
Rating Area 32 Lexington
Rating Area 33 McCormick
Rating Area 34 Marion
Rating Area 35 Marlboro
Rating Area 36 Newberry
Rating Area 37 Oconee
Rating Area 38 Orangeburg
Rating Area 39 Pickens
Rating Area 40 Richland
Rating Area 41 Saluda
Rating Area 42 Spartanburg
Rating Area 43 Sumter
Rating Area 44 Union
Rating Area 45 Williamsburg
Rating Area 46 York

South Carolina Health Plans and Pre-Existing Conditions

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Beginning on October 1, 2013 South Carolina residents will be able to begin enrolling in new qualified health insurance plans and receive subsidies to help pay for their health insurance plan premiums. In addition, as part of the new Affordable Care Act, insurance companies can no longer deny people based on their health. Even if you have major ongoing health issues, insurance companies will not be able to deny you coverage or charge you more for pre-existing conditions. These new guaranteed issue health insurance plans will begin as soon as January 1,2014. If you need help enrolling in one of these new plans contact us today!

The Federal Health Insurance Marketplace in South Carolina

26 Sep , 2013,
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The following comes directly from the SC Department of Insurance:

Exchange Basics

Under the Affordable Care Act, individual and small group health insurance coverage will be available for purchase in online exchanges.  In South Carolina, these exchanges will be established and operated by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  These exchanges are in addition to the existing private health insurance market and, as with any health insurance product, the insurance company must be licensed and the rates and forms for these products must be approved by the S.C. Department of Insurance.  These plans must also be certified by the federal government as Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) in order to be sold in these federally-facilitated exchanges (FFEs).  Purchasing a QHP through the FFEs is the only way to access federal subsidies.

Qualified Health Plans That Will Be Available in 2014

Below is a summary of the plans that have been conditionally approved by the federal government for sale through the federal exchanges in South Carolina.

Individual Market Coverage (Individuals, Families, and Self-Employed)

Qualified Health Plans Conditionally Certified for Sale in the Health Insurance Marketplace.


Definitions and Additional Information

¹The Health Insurance Marketplace, also called the Federally-facilitated Marketplace or Exchange, is the name of the exchange that the federal government is establishing in South Carolina for the individual market. Plans sold through the Marketplace may be eligible for federal subsidies depending on your income and number of dependents. Open enrollment for plans sold through the Health Insurance Marketplace will begin on October 1st with coverage effective on or after January 1, 2014. For more information, please visit www.healthcare.gov or call 1 (800) 318-2596.

2The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) is the name of the small group health insurance exchange that the federal government is establishing in South Carolina. Small employers that purchase health insurance through the SHOP may be eligible for federal tax credits under federal eligiblity criteria.  For more information, please visit www.healthcare.gov/marketplace/shop or call 1 (800) 318-2596. Additional resources available for small businesses include the IRS website (click here), the U.S. Small Business Administration’s health care website (click here), and the SHOP call center, 1 (800) 706-7893, which is available Moday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

With so many choices, it is important to have the help of a South Carolina Obamacare Agent.

2014 Health Insurance Plans in South Carolina

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Beginning October 1, 2013, many South Carolina residents will be able enroll in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) through the new Health Insurance Marketplace. Many South Carolina residents will also qualify for health plan subsidies to help pay for health insurance premiums.

Of course, choosing and enrolling in a Qualified Health Plan is a very important decision! Once you choose a plan, you will be “locked in” until the next open enrollment. Whether you live in Greenville, Charleston, Florence, or Aiken, WE CAN HELP you choose the health insurance plan that works best for you! We are certified by CMS as Federal Facilitated Marketplace agent/brokers. By working with a certified agent, you will receive expert advice at NO EXTRA COST to you! All health insurance premiums are set by the State and Federal government, and insurers cannot charge more for working with an agent.

For 2014, South Carolina will have 4 insurance carriers offering Qualified Health Plans: Bluecross Blue shield of SC, Bluechoice SC, Coventry, and Consumers Choice Health plan. Although health plan designs will follow ACA guidelines, health plan offerings from each of these carriers will vary greatly in many respects. One of the biggest differentiators between plans will be networks. Some plans will have very strict, HMO style networks, with limited choices of providers. Many HMO style plans may not allow out of network benefits – this is a very important consideration when choosing a plan! In addition, some plans may offer individual only coverage – this could present additional deductibles and out of pocket costs for families. Once again, I must stress that these factors make working with an agent imperative. Feel free to contact us directly for help, or if you just have some questions – we are here to help!

For more information on health plan subsidies, visit our sister site – myhealthplansubsidy.com

6 days until ACA Open Enrollment!

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Just 6 days until Open Enrollment begins for the new Affordable Care Act! Feel free to contact us directly with your health insurance questions at Josh@schealthconnector.org.

Many individuals in South Carolina, especially those making more than $46,000/yr, may save money by purchasing an individual policy RIGHT NOW!  Individuals earning less than $46,000/yr will receive subsidies to offset the cost of insurance premiums in 2014. An individual health policy purchased right now in South Carolina may lock in rates for 12 months, which may help avoid many of the expected premium increases due to new legislation effective 1/1/2014. This is especially important for individuals earning more than $46,000 who would like to save money on premiums while maintaining excellent coverage!

To get a quote for a South Carolina individual health insurance plan, simply CLICK HERE