UnitedHealthcare to sell plans on South Carolina marketplace for 2016!

7 May , 2015,


United Healthcare Compass South Carolina


Good news for South Carolina residents! We have recently confirmed, based on filing information available from the South Carolina Department of Insurance, that UnitedHealthcare has filed to sell individual health insurance plans on the marketplace in South Carolina for 2016! In 2015, Unitedhealthcare offered plans in North Carolina utilizing the Compass network. Although we cannot confirm network or product details for 2016, based on filing information currently available, it would seem logical that South Carolina will see plan structures similar to our neighbors in North Carolina. We look forward to increased competition in the South Carolina health insurance marketplace for 2016!United Healthcare Compass South Carolina

Stay tuned for additional information as it becomes available. www.SChealthconnector.org is your #1 source for South Carolina Obamacare information!

United HealthCare Compass – KEY FEATURES:

Customized, more focused network of care providers tailored for Compass members.
Find participating providers using our online provider directory.
Members are required to select a PCP.
The member’s PCP must send electronic referrals for members to see a network specialist.
Standard prior authorization and notification requirements apply. For details, go to Advance Notification section of the administrative guide.


Compass has a limited network service area in certain states where coverage is available.
No coverage is provided outside the network service area, except for emergency and urgent services.

  • David Snow

    I wonder if they will be going through their “The Golden Rule” Insurance Company? I look forward to seeing their offerings.

  • schealthconnector

    Thanks for the comment, David! My guess is that United will market under the “UnitedHealthOne” banner or possibly (less likely) as “Allsavers”. Either way, I would expect an HMO/referral based plan using the Compass or Navigate networks. UHC has had a bit of a tough go at it in North Carolina, with the recent loss of CMC in their exchange product network, hopefully they will face less headwinds in South Carolina.

  • schealthconnector

    Updated info posted today!

  • David Snow

    The UnitedHealth Plans seem to be the costliest across all Metal Levels for 2016.

    • schealthconnector

      That is what we are seeing as well, David! In addition, Coventry has removed all plan offerings (ON/OFF exchange) in Lexington county. It appears access to Lexington Medical center is going to be quite costly for 2016.