6 days until ACA Open Enrollment!

25 Sep , 2013,
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Just 6 days until Open Enrollment begins for the new Affordable Care Act! Feel free to contact us directly with your health insurance questions at Josh@schealthconnector.org.

Many individuals in South Carolina, especially those making more than $46,000/yr, may save money by purchasing an individual policy RIGHT NOW!  Individuals earning less than $46,000/yr will receive subsidies to offset the cost of insurance premiums in 2014. An individual health policy purchased right now in South Carolina may lock in rates for 12 months, which may help avoid many of the expected premium increases due to new legislation effective 1/1/2014. This is especially important for individuals earning more than $46,000 who would like to save money on premiums while maintaining excellent coverage!

To get a quote for a South Carolina individual health insurance plan, simply CLICK HERE